Water leakage in buildings

is like a terminal disease in our body. They start of small and grow as time progresses. Because of the gradual growth, many fail to notice or ignore the signs until it is too late.

Unlike diseases in the human body, water leakage can be fixed for a price. But just like diseases in the human body, Prevention is always better than cure. Problem is knowing how to spot problems and acting on it fast.

Warning Signs of Water Leakage due to

  1. Water Vapour or Moisture
    • Musty, stale or damp smell
    • Discolorations on surfaces due to growth of mould or mildew
    •  Surface is moist when touched
  2. Wooden Surfaces
    • Paint peeling off
    • Appearance of stains
    • Rotting or excessive wear in certain areas
  3. Concrete Surfaces
    • Appearance of hairline cracks
    • Cracks expand and grow as time passes
  4. Metal Surfaces
    • Signs of Rust or Oxidization
  5. Fabric
    • Stains on Carpet
    • Discoloration or powdery substance appearing on furniture
    • Hint of odor

So while learning to recognize the warning signs of water leakage may not be life threatening, it sure can save you a lot of money. If a major water leakage problem were to occur on your property, fixing it may cost hundreds of dollars; But the damages it created can amount to thousands of dollars.

Prevention is definitely better than cure.

MagicSeal is an easy-to-use spray on concentrate that penetrates most surfaces and prevents all the above leakage problems from ever happening.

Stop Water Leakage with MagicSeal

Just by applying MagicSeal, you can not only prevent future water leakage problems, you could also solve current water leakage problems.

The Waterproofing Solution

MagicSeal works by penetrating microscopic paths and sealing it by oxidization. It does this all for a fraction of the cost for calling a specialist to troubleshoot and solve a major problem.


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