Waterproof tattoo stickers


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Process: Water transfer

Style: fluorescent sticker

Fluorescence description: Fluorescence refers to a cold luminescence phenomenon of photoluminescence. when
Upon receiving special light sources such as UV light (that is, ultraviolet rays), it will immediately absorb
The light energy enters the excited state and emits light at the same time. Once the incident light stops,
The glow phenomenon disappeared immediately. The light effect of fluorescent tattoo stickers is good
Use this principle.
Difference: fluorescent tattoo stickers & luminous tattoo stickers
1. No light in the dark, but light under ultraviolet light
2. The color is rich and bright, and the light effect is gorgeous
Tattoo stickers
3. The fluorescent ink has a light and thin texture, good comfort and high firmness
4. It is suitable for concerts, nightclubs, bars, holiday parties, etc. with ultraviolet light
Shooting place
1. Glow in the dark (ensure sufficient light absorption and energy storage as a prerequisite, brightness and durability depend on
(At the quality of luminous particles)
2. The color is less, the green light effect is the best, and the blue is the second
Tattoo stickers
3. Luminous powder is rougher, thicker, comfortable and firm

4. Suitable for all places with low light

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Weight 90.0 g
Dimensions 250 × 200 × 30 mm



Q10 sheets


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