Got hooked when I saw some immersive 360 degree like images where you can use the mouse to scroll left, right, top and bottom to view all angles of the image. This technology has also moved to video where you can view all angles of a video at the same time.

After some research, found out that it is more technically challenging to shoot and publish 360 photos than videos. A search on Amazon reveals the following for shooting 360 video Camera. Just shoot and publish on YouTube and done.

Photos on the other hand need to be stitched together. You need a stitching software for this. Then you need a viewer to view the results.

Where sharing 360 videos are concerned, YouTube has helped a lot by standardizing the viewing platform. 360 photos do not have such a platform to share easily.

During the study, we discovered the tools to shoot, stitch and publish Panaromas online. It may be very easy to publish a panaroma but to publish one in high detail requires some skill.

One of the main items besides your camera, that is required for panoramic photography is the rotator arm which rotates the camera on the nodal point of its lens. Failure to do this would always result in problems stitching the panaroma together.


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