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With more than 20 years of experience in the waterproofing industry, we are more than capable of finding and fixing any type of water leakage issue that you are experiencing.

Our comprehensive range of waterproofing services include

  • Accurate tracing for source of leaks
  • fixing emergency leaks
  • preventative services and more. 


Infrared water leak detection

Water Main Leak Detection

A leak in your home or business can be very disruptive to your life.  We use state of the art equipment and leak detectors.

Even if you notice water on the floor or coming down the wall, you may not know where its coming from. It’s very expensive to start removing walls and floors.

Our highly trained professionals use infrared cameras, electronic and acoustic listening equipment to fid the source of your water leakage problems in yur home or office in Singapore.

Our Services

Thermal Water Leakage Diagnosis

Water Leakage Diagnosis

  • Infrared Thermal Scanning
  • Detect Water Pooling
  • Detect Source of Leaks
  • Printed Report

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Fixing Leakages

Fixing Leakages

Finding Source of Water Leakage in

  • Building Structure
  • External / Internal Wall
  • Floor and Ceiling
  • Residential Units
Water Proof Coating

Water Proof Coating

  • Epoxy Coating
  • Bathroom and Toilet Water Leakages
  • Water seepage in Balcony or Hall
  • Rooftop Water proofing

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We specialise in water leakage detection, using infrared thermal imaging scanning.

Thermal Scanning

We have managed to identify the source of the leakage even when we ran into un-coporative landlords.

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