Video Making in the Past

In the past, making money from videos meant making videos for others and charging them for it. First, you had to have expensive equipment (video equipment were grossly expensive back then). Next, it was only a one-time payment. One video – one payment. Given the above facts, only professionals who charged an arm and a leg for it could do it and make money.

Video Making Now

Times have changed. While costs for professional video and photography equipment and services have not changed much, technology has now enabled anyone who owns a hand-phone to also have a decent camera which can also record videos. Videos that are good enough to make money from YouTube.

Video using Handphone

What hand phones did to cameras, YouTube did to broadcasting. Now anyone with a handphone can record videos and broadcast them live. As to how many can see your videos all depends on how popular your channel; that’s right!! Your very own TV channel.

Broadcast Your Video

Managing a TV channel and keeping audience interested is no easy feat. YouTube makes money from advertisers. Advertisers want to show their advertisements on relevant channels. YouTube decides the best channel to show Ads on. YouTube pays a portion of the advertising fee to channel owners like yourself. That is if your channel is popular enough.

Creating videos on a regular basis is not an easy task leave alone creating videos that keep people engaged. But facts are, creating regular engaging videos can make you money to the tune of thousands monthly!!

I just got on a program that teaches how to make money from created videos. One big problem solved. Now I just have to concentrate on my niche.


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