Water leakage in walls and floor

Water leakage is a common problem in homes that are older than 10 years. It can occur in newer flats too but this is rare.

As they say, prevention is always better and cheaper than cure. What we have here is a DIY water leakage solution that is simple and easy to use. Once applied, it goes into small cracks in the walls and floors and seals them up.

For preventive maintanence against water leakage from walls and floors (especially in toilets), we recommend applying this solution once every 1 to 2 years.

This amazing Water Leakage Solution is called MagicSeal.

Introducing our D.I.Y Water Proofing Solution for minor water leakages on cement walls, floors and tiles.

MagicSeal – The DIY Waterproofing Solution

MagicSeal is a water proofing liquid concentrate which penetrates porus surfaces and crystalises when dry. This effectively seals up all gaps thereby preventing water leakages from occuring.

Benefits of MagicSeal

Quick and Easy

Just mix MagicSeal with water and you have a powerful water proofing solution

Save Money

A specilist visit with their recommendations can easily come up to a few hundred dollars. If there is hacking involved, the costs can go up to thousands.

By using MagicSeal on a regular basis for preventive water leakage problems,  you will never need the services of a water leakage specialist. But if you need one due to major water leakage issues, do contact us.

MagicSeal 250ml


MagicSeal 1 litre


Heavy Duty Sprayer


Heavy Duty Sprayer

Applying MagicSeal in corners and hard to reach places would be easier with this sprayer.

This is an optional item. Without a sprayer, other methods of application would be by brushing or pouring over the affected area.

Waterproofing Specialist in Singapore

What can MagicSeal Do?

It can prevent water leakage from occurring for the next few years.

What MagicSeal cannot Do?

Solve existing or major water leakage problems.

For this you need the services of a  water leakage specialist to trace and identify the source of leakage first! Then give advise on the solutions available and the costs involved.

Do Contact US, if you need such services.

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