Ideal Lighting Conditions

In the photo below, we have a shot taken in ideal lighting conditions. You’ll note that the iPhone 11 Pro Max has more natural coloring while the Note 10 Plus has a more saturated look. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as Samsung long tended to pump up the saturation on its photos to make them that much more vibrant.

Comparing ultra-wide shots

between the iPhone 11 Pro Mac and Galaxy Note 10 Plus, it’s interesting to note that the color and detail on the Note are far superior than what the iPhone 11 Pro Max brings to the table.

With all that said, the reality is that any photos taken in ideal lighting conditions with an advanced smartphone will look incredible. What really matters are edge cases, which is to say photos taken in low-light environments.

Low Light

Though devices like Google’s Pixel 3 beat Apple to the punch when it comes to low-light photography, the new Night mode on the iPhone 11 appears to be the best implementation we’ve seen yet.

The first example comparing the iPhone to the Note can be seen below. It’s a close call, but you can tell that the detail on the iPhone 11 Pro Max is just a tad crisper.

Watch The Video

The entire video comparison is incredibly exhaustive and covers all aspects of each device’s camera system. Suffice it to say, it’s hard to go wrong camera-wise when you get a flagship device these days, but if you’re curious about the nuances across both devices, the video here is well worth watching in its entirety.

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