HiSense TV Audio Output not Working

My TV upgrade was to a 55″ HiSense TV. This was after reading reviews and watching videos on YouTube, to get the best TV, at the lowest cost. My findings ended with two unknown brands – TCL and HiSense. With further drilling down on the best TV to buy, I decided on a Hisense A6 4K 55″ TV.

They have their own delivery team who does the installation as well. They also discarded my old TV. Installers connected everything and got the basics that is the local channels running.

Picture quality: Great
TV Sound Quality: Great (Loud and Clear)

Problem started when I wanted to connect the TV Audio output to my Sound System

My Sound System comes with a Blu-Ray player. This Blue-Ray player has a (non Arc) HDMI output. It also has a Optical Audio input.

The installers used the HDMI ARC output of the TV, to connect to the HDMI input of my Blu-Ray player, when that was a normal HDMI output. Installers left after basic setup.

As mentioned earlier, Picture and Sound quality are always great on this TV. Reviews on YouTube are reliable. But I could not find a video on YouTube for my problem – “HiSense TV Audio Output not Working”.

The HiSense TV was connected by Optical Audio output to my Sound System which is also a Blu Ray player, connected by HDMI, to the TV.

Problem starts when I switch on my HDMI connected Blu-Ray player, to be used as Sound System. The TV recognizes it as a HDMI connection and the Digital Output does not work

Only way to get the Digital Audio cable to work! is to remove the HDMI cable from the TV. This is to get the so called AI to learn that the Optical Cable has a purpose.

This worked for me. If it does not for you, let me know below,

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