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    While Singapore prides itself as having one of the best public transportation in the world, that might be stretching the truth a little. No doubt the public buses or trains do arrive at regular intervals, they are often packed to the brim during rush hours in the morning and evening. During such periods, waiting for the next bus or train, because there is no way to enter the one that arrived, is a common scene.

    Trying to hail a taxi or even book one in the mornings is like playing TOTO. Ride sharing apps have helped to reduce the demand but it is still playing TOTO as a ride is not guaranteed.

    Apart from owning your own ride, be it a bike or car, the next best thing would be to have a regular driver come and pick you up. Some taxi drivers do offer this service for an additional charge. But this is strictly discouraged in the ride booking apps like
    Uber or Grab. This could be due to the commission the ride sharing apps collect. Sidetrack, you could also read on the Confessions of a Ride-Share Cabbie.

    In conclusion, if you require reliable daily rides and are willing to fork out slightly more than what a normal taxi ride costs, Check out Daily Transportation Service in Singapore


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