Make Money from Videos without making Videos

Make Money from Videos without making Videos

Video Making in the Past In the past, making money from videos meant making videos for others and charging them for it. First, you had to have expensive equipment (video equipment were grossly expensive back then). Next, it was only a one-time payment. One video...

Photography Course for Beginners under $50

This is a comprehensive course which covers from beginner to advanced photography topics. You will learn: About the various tools and features in your DSLR Camera How to choose the correct equipment for special effects Rules of Composition and Shot Planning Low light...

Mastering Composition + Cinematography

A good instructional video on composition in video production work. We cover composition and framing techniques for film making. Discuss the aesthetic of beauty, the rule of thirds, headroom, leadroom, and more. A good camera for Video Work – Canon DSLR Video...
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