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Xiro Xplorer Mini Quadcopter Drone with HD Video Camera

One of the best ways to get a bird’s eye view of the city at night, or for shooting events or fireworks. The possibilities are endless.

Technical Specs as follows:

Compact design, lightweight:

  • Only 410g, less than 1 pound.
  • Foldable & Portable with a perfect drone case.

High definition stable video:

  • Fisheye lens imaging & electronic image stabilized technology. 1080p/30fps video recording, 13megapixels photo.
Xiro Xplorer Mini Quadcopter Drone with HD Video Camera

Follow Snap:

  • Optical recognition technology.
  • Automatically follow an object or a person.

Image transmission in App:

  • Brand new Wifi image transmission technology. Real-time preview at 720P in the app.

In-door visual, outdoor dual-satellite positioning:

  • In-door accurate positioning, hovering and control are available without GPS. GPS/GLONASS dual-satellite system navigation. Ensure accurate positioning and safty during outdoor flight.Built-in optical flow sensors and ultrasonic sensor.
Xiro Xplorer Mini Quadcopter Drone with HD Video Camera dimensions

User-friendly control system with APP:

  • The brand new app can support various intelligent flight and shooting modes , user can totally focus on the viewfinder. Get rid of complex control and shine under the camera! One-key takeoff / landing, One-key return home, Lost connection protection, Low power protection.

1650mAh 15 minutes battery life:

  • Brand new high-power lithium polymer battery for longer flying time, fast assembly.

DIY design, Changeable multicolor back covers:

  • Cool and personalized external design. Various multicolor changeable body covers available.

Get Your Mini Quadcopter Drone with HD Video Camera


What is Video Production and how to make a short film.

Well, in simple words, Video Production is the process of converting a good idea into a video. And, thus it includes DVD Production and Web Videos. And, there are many Video Production Companies around. Charges are affordable (keeping in mind all the services and efforts they put into for making a superb-quality video for you…your business).

Services offered by Competent Video Production Companies

  • Script Development
  • Presenter Selection
  • Filming
  • Graphics/Animation
  • Final Edit
  • Encoding to a suitable digital format for inclusion on your website or presentation

Established Video Production Companies equip themselves with the best of equipments and technologies, for Video Lighting, Permanent Green Screen for Chroma-keying, a variety of backgrounds and autocue for precise script delivery. And, filming in High Definition ensures that the output is of the highest standard. This seamlessly integrates onto a wide-variety of platforms, right from Blu-ray and DVD to a multitude of online solutions.

So, whether it is a corporate video or a web video, professional and experienced Video Production Companies can help you get the best of quality videos at the lowest prices possible.

Communicate Your Needs and Budget as Clearly as Possible

It is important that you, as a business-representative, communicate your needs to your chosen Video Production Company. Tell the assigned team what exactly you want you video to be. What are the things that you want to see in this video. What is the message that you want to communicate through this video. Also, don’t forget to tell them the budget you have on your mind for this video production. Don’t miss on brainstorming sessions with this assigned team. All this help Video Production Companies to make the best videos for their customers.

Difference between Canon DSLR 800d and 80d

In February, Canon announced the EOS Rebel T7i (800D) and EOS 77D, adding two new choices to the company’s already confusing lineup.  Canon has always kept the identification of its DSLR models simple. Not any more with the introduction of the 77D.

In this article we’ll break down what separates the T7i, 77D and the existing EOS 80D.

All models have a same sensor “24.2MP APS-C CMOS”.
Processor is better on the 800D (Digic 7) vs (Digic 6) on the 80D
ISO Range better on the 800D at 25600 vs the 80D at 12800
Shutter Speed better on the  80D at 1/8000
Viewfinder coverage is 100% on the 80D vs 95% on the 800D.

The video below may hopefully clear some part of the Canon naming process.

How to Choose the Best Digital Camera for First-Timers

Plan Ahead

The most common mistake made when people bought their digital cameras for the first time is to go directly to a local camera shop or visit an online shop and purchasing their camera without doing a research first. If you do so, most likely you will make the wrong decision buying a product that has too many features that you may never need. Never buy a product just because of the promising ads that attract you. Don’t just select the newest product, because newer doesn’t always mean better. Higher megapixel or longer zoom are not a guarantee that a product is better for you to choose because all of it doesn’t necessarily fit your needs.

Decide what you want from a digital camera.

There are so many choices of digital cameras on the market, and none of them is an all in one device that can be suitable for all kind of purposes. Each camera has its pros and cons on their own. By answering a few questions below, you will be able to focus on a fewer number of cameras that are appropriate to your needs:

-What do you need the camera for?

-Do you need a camera for daily use or do you plan to pursue photography more seriously?

-Which type of photography will you be doing more often (sports-photography, portraits, landscapes, or macro-photography)?

-In which condition will you be using your camera most (normal, extreme, indoor, outdoor, low light or bright light)?

-Do you prefer to carry a small and light camera or is it alright for you to carry a big and bulky digital camera as long as it is packed with lots of features?

-What kind of additional or special features do you need from a camera?

By answering the questions above, you can determine whether you need a point-and-shoot digital camera, a super-zoom camera, a micro four thirds camera or a digital SLR camera.

Set your maximum budget.

Maybe money is not a problem for some people. But most people will surely have a maximum limit to spend for a digital camera. Set your maximum budget and focus your choice on the cameras that fit your budget. Don’t forget to provide a reserve fund for camera accessories you might need such as lenses, external flash, camera bag, tripod, additional memory cards, spare batteries, etc.

Do your own research.

Of course it would be easier to go directly to your local camera shop and meet a salesperson to help you there. But it would be better if you previously do your own research by reading the reviews in some digital camera magazines.Youtube is a good place to search for reviews and demos which could help in making that decision.

You can also visit some good digital camera websites to find expert reviews there. Never trust a single source only, but compare a variety of reviews from various sources. You need to look for unbiased reviews that are truly neutral and honest because there are some reviewers that are paid by particular camera manufacturers to recommend their products. After you finish your research, you can specify 2 or 3 cameras of your choice and start comparing prices. Compare several online stores because the price difference between one and the other online store could be significant sometimes.

Get a feel of the chosen device

Once you narrowed down your choice to 2 or 3 cameras and completed your own research, go to some local camera shops to see, hold and try operating the cameras of your choice. Let the salesperson help you and provide you with additional product information. After deciding the camera that you want to purchase, try to negotiate the price and compare it with the lowest price that you can get from online stores. Do not rush, take your time to compare prices at several camera shops and purchase the camera of your choice at a local camera shop or an online store that can offer you the lowest price. Finally, you should not rush to buy all sorts of camera accessories that you think you would need. Get used to use your new digital camera for a while firstHealth Fitness Articles, after that you can decide which camera accessories you really need.

Compact Cameras

Compact cameras are good if you are looking for a simple one to take general photos and videos. It is usually light weight and small. If you have no experience in photography, this is a good place to start.

Budget from $100 upwards

DSLR Cameras

DSLR cameras produce better images and have tons of features. It also costs more as the camera body and lenses are 2 separate items. You might also start adding lenses and other accessories and this could add up quickly.  In order to make the most out of your camera, you have to learn how to shoot in manual.

360 degree Photo and Video

Got hooked when I saw some immersive 360 degree like images where you can use the mouse to scroll left, right, top and bottom to view all angles of the image. This technology has also moved to video where you can view all angles of a video at the same time.

After some research, found out that it is more technically challenging to shoot and publish 360 photos than videos. A search on Amazon reveals the following for shooting 360 video Camera. Just shoot and publish on YouTube and done.

Photos on the other hand need to be stitched together. You need a stitching software for this. Then you need a viewer to view the results.

Where sharing 360 videos are concerned, YouTube has helped a lot by standardizing the viewing platform. 360 photos do not have such a platform to share easily.

During the study, we discovered the tools to shoot, stitch and publish Panaromas online. It may be very easy to publish a panaroma but to publish one in high detail requires some skill.

One of the main items besides your camera, that is required for panoramic photography is the rotator arm which rotates the camera on the nodal point of its lens. Failure to do this would always result in problems stitching the panaroma together.